5 Mistakes We Make When Waxing

waxing tips

We want to have soft, hairless skin. The thing is, when it comes to waxing, the rush or lack of information can cause us to make some mistakes. Let’s see what they are so we can avoid them.

1-Disregarding sensitive areas

If you have moles, acne or any burns, you should make sure those areas are free of wax or depilatory cream. This will prevent serious irritation or injury.

2-Doing it at the wrong time

Ideally, you should shave your hair one or two days before the start so that you avoid reddened areas. For best results, experts recommend doing it in the afternoon or evening and not waxing just after your skin has been exposed to the sun or during your menstrual period, as it is more vulnerable.

3-Forgetting to look at the expiration date

You always have to check the product you are going to use. Depilatory creams have an expiration date and machine blades may be worn or in poor condition. The machine must be changed every three uses and it is essential not to share it with anyone for reasons of hygiene.

4-Apply other products before waxing

If you use a moisturizing cream, for example, it will be harder to remove hair before waxing. The same thing happens if you apply oils and body lotions just before your waxing.

5-Do not cut your hair

If you are going to use wax on the armpits or the digging area, it is essential that you trim the hair as much as possible. Otherwise, if it is too long, hair removal will be more painful. It will also be more difficult to pull it out from the root.

Now, with these tips your skin will always look soft and hair-free. You’re ready to enjoy the hot days. Good hair removal is a fundamental part of beauty care.


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