Eye makeup: ideas to look fabulous

Weddings, special occasions, holiday parties and celebrations allow us to look a little more festive than our day-to-day look. With Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how step up your look with a new makeup style.

But showing your festive spirit with your makeup can draw a fine line between looking crowd stopping glamorous and downright tacky. We have scoured the Internet for 5 of the best Instragram accounts by makeup artists who all want you to look the best on for your special occasion, whatever it may be for.

Get your shimmer on

@mermaids_makeup’s goal is to bring out every women’s inner mermaid by mystically and almost magical, eye makeup designs.

This beautiful look will turn heads at any party. Get this mystical look by applying shimmery blue eye shadow to the upper part of your eyelids and using white eyeliner to the inner part of your eye and drawing a swiping cat eye. Paint your eyelashes with a silvery white mascara to bring the entire look together. Top off the look with red lipstick of your choice.

Star-spangled glitter

@ms.gal instagram’s account is about sharing her love for life, beauty and makeup.

Her simple star-spangled look is easy enough to copy; all you need is some blue eye shadow, glittery sky blue shadow, some sparkle glue, white eyeliner and black mascara. Start by applying the glittery eye shadow to the upper part of your eyelid and then the smudge in the darker blue, as to resemble the sky. Using the white eyeliner draw overlapping stars and highlight with glitter glue. Apply mascara.

Smoky eye

@elida_betancourt is the queen of the smoky eye and has a series of YouTube videos dedicated to showing you how to achieve the perfect smoky eye.

All you need for this festive look is fake eyelashes and red, white and blue eye shadow. You can switch up this look with different colors of eye shadow to match the party or your dress. Don’t forget to wear your best color lipstick.

Good ol’ pinup look

@dani_gemein Jukebox American Diner’s goal is to bring back the iconic beauty of the 50’s pinup girl. Her passion for life is doing what you love in life and she loves makeup.

The key to getting this natural look and make your eyes pop, opt for natural eye shadow tones such as browns and greys and bring out those fake eye lashes. Use very fine black eyeliner to bring attention to your eyes. She also believes in having your eyebrows professionally groomed for a polished look.

Simplicity at its best

@thejasmine… from Madison, Wisconsin is a makeup artist who shares her hints with the world.

Grab your liquid blue eyeliner or any other color your heart desires, preferably a waterproof brand and your fake eyelashes. Swipe your eyeliner on in a thick line into a cat eye after applying your fake lashes. Voila! you are ready to tackle any party.

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