How Does Music Influence Exercise?

music influence exercise

You may have heard that music has such an effect on people that it can change their mood just by changing genres. Well, there’s a lot of truth to this and it’s related to brain activity.

When listening to music, our brain generates neuronal connections much faster than with other daily activities. It also produces dopamine, which is a substance that generates pleasure for us, which is why music has a direct effect on our mood and, depending on the rhythm of the music we listen to, can calm, cheer us up or even produce anxiety.

When we exercise, the music we listen to has a big effect on our performance, when we do aerobic activities, the music motivates us to keep going, causing an anesthesia effect for the pain we feel when we work hard and also makes our time go by faster. And thanks to the effects of dopamine we continue to train with a better mood and more positive in terms of achieving our goals.

At the time of weight training we also have the same positive effect with music, as it encourages us to increase the number of repetitions, you can even do them to the rhythm of the music and it will be much easier, but beware, it is recommended that you do not turn up the volume so much in this type of training so you do not lose concentration on the movement you have to do and thus avoid hurting yourself.

Some tips that will help you in your training are the following:

  • Try training one day without music and one day with music and measure your results to see how it works best for you.
  • Make a list before your workout so you don’t have to be looking for songs at the moment to avoid distractions.
  • Make sure your list lasts as long as your workout so that you can listen to all your songs, because in some cases it happens that we play so many songs that we waste time changing them because we want to listen to them all.
  • The rhythm will be different if you do weights or cardio so we recommend you make two different lists depending on the case.
  • Try Spotify, there are many different lists depending on the style of your workout, and there are even lists of runners that change their pace according to your speed.
  • Look for new songs and change the list every week or two to keep your motivation at 100%!
  • Don’t forget to wear a bracelet for your mobile phone to avoid falls.

We hope you will use our advice and put it into practice as soon as possible, you will see how music has a positive effect on you!

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