How to Choose the Best Over-Ear Headphones that will Rock your World

Choosing headphones can be as complicated as relationships, but at least there are thousands of guidebooks to help you in that area of your life. But nobody trains us how to choose the best headphones, which often results in buying suboptimal headphone.

We are here to help you choose the ideal pair for you, giving headphone envy to all of those around you!

Before we get started, we need to point out that most new phones are coming without headphone jacks. Even if your phone at the moment comes with a jack, you will most likely be buying a phone in the future that has no jack. If you plan on using your headphones for a while then: Only buy wireless/Bluetooth headphones!

best over-ear headphones

Step one: Choose the type you want

Ask yourself what is more important for you: sound quality, portability or affordability.

If it is sound quality, then be prepared to look for over-ear, head-engulfing, enormous headphones that provide you with a transportable sound room for your ears only and cost a pretty penny.

If you are interested in portability, there are an endless variety of wirelesses in the ear-buds. What makes these headphones is their small environmental footprint and take-it-with you portability makes this option extremely popular.

If you insist on spending the smallest amount of money and looking for affordability, will be ready compromise on sound quality, comfort, and Bluetooth connection. Making you the only guy or girl on the block with cables hanging around your neck.

Step two: Understand the basics

Let’s start taking about over-ear headphones: Open-backs and closed-backs. Open-backs are normally for those who aren’t too concerned about sound reverberations but produce the best sound quality and best suited to be used at home. Closed-back is more portable as they can be worn everywhere, as they drown out outside noise, and provide a more discreet listening experience.

There are basically three main types of headphones:

In-ear: Today some ear-buds can provide some serious sound quality that rivals with their over-ear competition. The truth is even the most comfortable earbuds are still very uncomfortable. For earbuds that actually produce sound, the bud actually has to go deep into your ear.

On-ear: On-ear headphones are often the worst choice for headphones, as they don’t only sacrifice sound quality but also compromise noise isolation and long-term comfort is equal to in-ear earbuds because it is squashing your ear. On-ear headphones are just a mediocre cup of coffee that gets you through the day.

Over-ear: Over the headphones sit around the ear, providing ideal comfort and provide optimal sound when compared with the other three options. They might not be portable but they make up lost portability with comfort and excellent acoustics. If you are looking sound quality, then this is the type of headphones you should be looking at.

Step three: Get the feedback

Once you have narrowed down your list by choosing a price range and type of headphone you are looking for, now is time to start reading the reviews. Yes, the nitty-gritty reviews that speak the truth.

Once you have settled on which set of headphones is going rock your world, stop reading reviews and doing cross-comparisons. Just enjoy your new headphone s and consider then to be the best headphones in the world, as the truth is all headphones have downfalls.

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