How to Choose the Right Shapewear

Want a slimmer physique without actually working for it? Come on! Admit it, all of want to look slimmer! Even our favorite celebs need a little extra help making themselves looked toned and slimmer.

Shapewear basically does what Photoshop does to our pictures, but in real life. Erasing those lumps and bumps that make us feel insecure, which can easily be smoothed out with the right piece of smoothing-wear. Feel toned, sexy and make your inner Marilyn Monroe fantasies a reality!

But first, let’s get back to the basics and help you find the right piece of Shapewear for your body. We each have a different shaped body, which means what works for one person might not work with you.

best shaper wear

Love Handles

We just don’t love our love handles that are almost impossible to hide underneath pencil skirts and tighter dresses. Love handles are that roll of fat that sit right around your hips and tummy. Erase the appearance of unwanted love handles by wearing a high waisted slip or boy shorts body shaper.

Muffin Top

That annoying muffin seems to pop out with just about any type of outfit and it moves around depending on what you are wearing. The best body shaper for women for solving your muffin top troubles is a bodysuit that hits right under your bra line.

Thunder Thighs

Our thighs can look extremely sexy, if everything is smoothed out. You will love the slimming power that comes from a high-rise brief. It will smooth out your lumps and bumps on your thighs and control your muffin top and tummy bulge.

Flat booty

Shapewear tends to leave your booty looking flat and lacking the oomph that we love. Choose body wear that comes with a thong or open backside can easily solve this problem; this will give your booty an instant push-up.

All-over control

To look amazing under the tightest bodycon dress, you should get a full body shaper, which provides all-over control from your thighs to that little bulge under your bra strap. Look for a full bodysuit that comes with a tummy control panel and extra tosh pads for that extra lift.

Purchasing shapewear

Once you have identified your troublesome areas and the best body shapers to fix it, you are almost ready to purchase yours. But here are some quick reminders first.


Shapewear often comes in three different levels of compression: Light-control, medium-control and firm-control. Light wear being the most comfortable, similar to your bathing suit and firm-fit with extra compression to firm everything up. Normally, firm-fit is used for special events when you need extra control. If you are looking for a plus size shapewear make sure you get medium compression for maximum control.

Ask for help

It can be intimidating buying bodywear for the first time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing in a lingerie store, you can order online. Nowadays, most shaping undergarment companies have instant online customer service to answer any of your questions.


Size matters. One of the biggest mistakes people make when ordering shapewear is ordering a smaller size, assuming that it will have more slimming power. A smaller size will cause your body to form bulges where you never imagined and it will be extremely uncomfortable. Check the size charts before ordering.

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