How to curl eyelashes

Curling the lashes before applying mascara is a step that is often ignored. Helps to separate and lift the eyelashes, making the eyes look larger and brighter. Tilt the head back, look down into a mirror and place the curler as close as possible to the base of the lashes. Keep it closed for ten seconds. Open it and close it again at the end of the lashes. If you feel your eyelashes pulled, it’s because the curler rubber is worn or soiled with mascara. In that case, you must replace it.

I only use three shades of mascara: coffee, dark brown and black. I use black more often. Nature did not provide us with green, blue or purple eyelashes, why should someone who seeks the natural appearance use them like that? Blondes and redheads achieve a very natural effect with brown mascara or dark brown, while brunettes can use black with the same result.

I like to use Immencils Gentle Lash Thickener by Lancôme, which is available in department stores. It’s expensive, compared to other brands, but it doesn’t run, crumble or fall; it’s great for contact lens wearers. Another of the best mascara I have ever used is Maybelline’s Great Lash and its price is very reasonable. Remember, mascara doesn’t last forever, it can dry out. If your case is more than six months old, you must replace it.

how to curl eyelashes

If you prefer cream mascara, apply it with a children’s toothbrush. The mascara in paste is also excellent for a very clean appearance. To avoid infection, never moisten the paste (or any other cosmetics) with saliva. Use clean water or eye drops to form a soft paste that can be applied to eyelashes.

To apply the mascara, start with your lower lashes. Look down into a mirror and, keeping the tube upright, brush all lashes with the tip. Then, using the applicator lengthwise, slightly separate the lashes. For upper lashes, cover the tips first with a bottom-up motion, then the base of the lashes, also with upward motion. For thicker, darker lashes, apply a second coat.

Another trick is to apply with a baby powder brush (or any translucent powder) on the lashes after the first coat and before the second. To prevent remnants of damp mascara from remaining in the area below the eyebrows, tilt your head back and look down in a mirror while spreading the mascara across your upper lashes.

If your eyelashes are scarce or too short, artificial eyelashes can complement the ones you have. The ideal thing is to reserve them for the night and make them look as natural as possible. I prefer dark brown eyelashes made of human hair, even though some synthetic eyelashes look good if cut and fit properly. Black eyelashes may look too artificial. Although I like individual lashes, many women prefer the full strip, which is applied along the base of natural lashes. Whatever it is, the entire process should take no more than a few minutes.

Before placing the eyelash strip, be sure to trim it to the size of your own eyelash line. If the strip is too stiff, you will have trouble applying it. To soften it, place it on a table and rub it for a few seconds with a blunt instrument, such as the handle of your scissors or a makeup brush.

To position them, first place a hand mirror horizontally on the table so that you can see it conveniently. Next, rub the glue or adhesive on the base of the artificial lashes. (Never use glue or colored adhesive; the clear is better.) Looking down in front of the mirror, press the strip as close to the base of your own eyelash line. After application, make sure the ends of the strip are firmly in place. If raised, apply a little glue to each end and repress again.

If the lashes look too long after application, cut them carefully using manicure scissors. The longer lashes should be in the center, not at the outer end. Check the length on the front and sides, making sure they look as natural as possible. Also look down at the mirror to check that the strip was applied evenly. If you want to use artificial eyelashes below, you must place them in the same way.

Artificial lashes that accommodate one by one tend to look more natural than strip lashes. Cut the strip into small sections with a few tabs on each section. Using tweezers, pick up the sections one by one, place the adhesive and wait a moment for the adhesive to become sticky. Apply shorter lashes where yours are shorter and place the longer lashes in the center of your eyelash line. Again, check with a mirror for symmetry and cut where necessary.

Always apply mascara after securing artificial lashes. To remove artificial lashes, gently release them. Make sure they don’t fall off your own natural eyelashes. An oily makeup remover will help smooth the adhesive.

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