How to wear biker shorts – The biggest “short” trend for 2019

The biker short has been banished and forgotten about for the last few decades, but this 1980’s iconic fashion statement is making a comeback with a whole new flare. So, ladies, it doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them, these skin-tight biker shorts are going to be a key element in every woman’s wardrobe for 2019.

Be prepared to make the biggest “short” trend the star of this spring and summer, while you tackle the beach and town. This might not seem like the classiest trend or something you would ever imagine wearing to work, but Chanel showed us how to make this cycling short one of the trendiest fashion must-haves of the year.

Kim Kardashian has been rocking this look for the last year, showing us how to work this new trend with sneakers, boots, pearls or heels. Soon after, more and more celebrities quickly jumped on to the “biker” short trend, such as Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowshi, Kylie Jenner and many more.

Even though it is still chilly outside, you might want to start stocking up on the biggest “short” trend ever. Our favorite brands are already jumping into this new trend with style, transforming the skin-tight cycling short into something you will actually want to wear.

For a more tailored look

tailored look women

Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion week, Fendi showed us how to pair it with more tailored pieces by giving it a utilitarian look. To get Bella Hadid’s style above, pair your biker shorts with an oversized button down blouse and clinch your waist with a belt that is the same color as your shorts. For a pinch of sophistication add a utilitarian handbag.

For a business lunch

look for business lunch

Roberto Cavalli shows us that biker shorts are suitable for work or that important business meeting with your boss. Dress up your biker short by wearing a beaded or patterned biker short that hits just above the knee, that isn’t skin-tight. Pair your shorts with a tailored blazer that hits below your rear and finish off the look with some stylish ankle boots.



Of course the biker short is still suitable for keeping things sporty and casual. The quirky Marine Serre shows us how to transform the biker short into a relaxed athleisure look. Pair your biker shorts with casual separates such as T-shirts and sweaters. Pair with a pair of sneakers or ballet flats to pull off this look for running errands or going to the gym.

For a night out with the girls

look for night out

Acne Studios catwalk show gave us a reason to finally put that little black dress into retirement for a while. To duplicate this look at home, style black biker shorts under a long fitted-top or pair with longer biker shorts and a mini-dress on top that allows your shorts to peek out from underneath.

Something romantic

look romantic

Nobody knows how to do romantic better than Dior, as we can observe above in this whispery, mystical look. Get this look by layering your cycling shorts under a sheer shirt or dress and finishing off the look with ballet-styled accessories.

For everyday wear

look for everyday wear

Miuccia Prada transformed the sporty biker short into an everyday style that we all want to wear. Get this look by pairing your shorts with baby doll top, knee-high socks and cute ballet flats.

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