Kim Kardashian’s Solutionwear brand name “Kimono” is derailed!

Kim Kardashian kimono

Kim Kardashian has been dreaming about creating her very own shapewear line for the last fifteen years. But after the outcry over the former Kimono’s name it might have derailed months of extensive planning.

But how are she and her expert team of investors trying to reclaim their piece of the $83 billion shapewear industry?

Within two days of launching her Solutionwear brand Kimono, Kim realized that she would need to cave in and change the name of her newest venture. She was being globally thrashed by just about everyone for cultural appropriation.

Her dream of creating an inclusive shapewear and lingerie line might have been destroyed if she didn’t decide to drop the name Kimono. Kim has been thinking about creating her Solutionwear brand longer than she has been married to Kayne West, longer than she has been mother of her four adorable children.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kim attempted to gain our sympathies for not thinking through the repercussions of launching her shapewear line with the name “Kimono.” She admits that she should have thought a little deeper about what kimono meant for Japanese people and their heritage.

Within three days of launching her Solutionwear brand, she was globally accused of cultural appropriation. The kimono is a ceremonial garment used in Japan for centuries for special occasions and is designed to give women an overall straight line, resonating the essence of Japanese cultural.

When Kim announced the launch of her shapewear line, she had hundreds of thousands of dollars of product ready to ship, with her so-called signature brand name “Kimono.” Plus, she had a website that has yet to be launched with the controversial brand name pasted all over it.

Kim’s loving and supportive husband, Kayne West had designed the Kimono label and logo. So for Kim to admit that the name “Kimono” was a mistake and take responsibility to change the name was at a great loss financially and emotionally for her and her team of investors.

So understandably her team of expert investors are trying to figure out how to cut their losses and salvage what they can. While they try to recycle what was already produced or make their way over to Ebay or Amazon, we await the re-launching of Kim Kardashian’s Solutionwear brand and its new name. We are positive that Kim will not disappoint her fans by creating a brand name that will perfectly represent her shapewear line.

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