Listening music during the shower

Listening music in the shower can be very relaxing and fun for many people, it is common that somebody in the life know about people that in the shower listening to their favorite song and singing it at the same time. But it is important to know that most music players or devices when in contact with water receive damages to the point of becoming unusable.

music in the shower

Due to the aforementioned and the advancement of technology industries have been concerned with creating devices that are resistant to water and even to be submerged at certain depths of cell phones and device resistant to water.

Currently it has become fashionable to take the phone to the shower as is the case of the IPhone 7 a new device that the manufacturer Apple thinking about preventing that the device suffer damage by water has added properties that allow it to be in contact with water and even allowing you to submerge 1 meter deep for a time of half an hour.

Many people usually enjoy a shower while they send a WhatsApp, they use Instagram, Facebook or any other application, however it is important that these people know that these companies added that property to the device not thinking about the shower, the reason is Protect it from falling into a water container. Many times of insurance will open you past that you go down the street and it is raining and you need to send a message, well at that time having an IPhone 7 can be very useful.

What do you need to know before using IPhone 7 in the Shower to use music?

Before you use this type of device the IPhone 7 in the shower is important that you know that as mentioned earlier Apple company created it with the purpose of offering a device that does not receive damages when in contact with water, however It is not advisable to use it when showering to listen to music.

Many people open up wonder if it is resistant to contact with water, Why it is not recommended to use it when bathing ?, the answer is that it is water resistant but certain substances such as shampoo, soaps and gels could cause damage to your device, If your device receives damage the warranty would not cover it.

Other alternative to listen music during the shower

As mentioned earlier each day technology is advancing, so many people enjoy taking a good shower and listening music at the same time. Today in the industry have created certain devices that allow you as is the case of showers which can connect the mp3, mp4 or cellular device and take a shower while listening to music, these showers work with bluetooth technology. It has a wireless speaker that is in contact with the shower by means of a magnet and is very safe.

We also have other alternatives that allow us to listen to music when taking a shower as they are the classic Bluetooth Shower Speakers that connect with your cellphone allowing to player the music. Simply place the Shower Speaker in the place of your preferences and you can select the music to your liking and a less commonly used today is the so called waterproof case shower.

Listening to music in the shower can be very relaxing and fun for many people; it is common for somebody in your life to have listened about people in the shower listening to their favorite song, so there are many alternatives that can help you. It is also necessary that when choose the alternative of your preference you must be careful and make the appropriate option to avoid damages that can cause both your device and your economy, therefore when making your purchase you should inform yourself and take in consideration the advantages and disadvantages that you can give each device.

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