Music and its positive effects for the people mind

From the beginning of time the human being has been concerned with generating sounds, whether to relax, entertainments, socialization or different causes. Within the different sounds that have generated the human being we have music, which is considered as one of the most relevant artistic expressions, so that through this can transmit different sensations, it is important to know that the Term music comes from the Greek “Mousike”, which refers to the education of the spirit. Music is the organization of sounds and can have very positive effects on the minds of people who listen to them.

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Music has also been defined as the art of organizing sounds and silence in a logical and coherent way. According to studies carried out by great connoisseurs of music and the field of psychology music can have very positive effects on health in general effects ranging from relaxation, improve attention, encourage, rest and create connections between the two hemispheres of the brain.

What are the Positive effects of music for the mind?

As mentioned earlier music is very an important art that transmits sensations to the people who usually use them. It is important to know that the human brain consists of the hemispheres of the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere; what refers to the right is the one that is in charge of the creative part of the people and the left part comprises the logical part, reason because the music serves to establish connections between the two hemispheres, being very beneficial for the learning of the people as it is the case of Mozart’s music that is considered a type of music very suitable to help in learning.

But what happens with our hemispheres when listening to music, the right part is activated by putting our imagination and emotions in operation and in relation to the left side when activated will emphasize more the rational part.

According to the above stated our brain perceives the different tonalities expressed through music, so it helps to stimulate it and has made us smarter. It is also important to know that music is used to relax lower levels of stress which helps in diseases such as hypertension

Music helps to improve our emotions and transmits peace to the people who listen to them. It is also important to mention that the therapy has been used as a treatment for a patient or group of people. The music-therapy in which sounds, rhythms, melodies are used to promoting communication, improvement of cognitive, psychic and social skills.

Music also helps to improve people’s memory, rhythm, attention and coordination. It also helps creativity, enhance the imagination, harmony, person who is depressed.

According to the students of music and psychology music helps us to give the feeling of happiness. Because the music is accompanied by a series of feelings both positive and negative, depending on the use that is given, can help us to encourage and make us feel much happier.

Also in studies that have been done on children it has been shown that the listeners of music can have an increase in verbal intelligence and have greater fluidity.

Another great benefit of listening to music is that it helps to learn other language, as is the case of those who listen to music to learn English.

Music is a very art through which you can express many emotions, it has many positive effects for our minds ranging from helping us to improve our cognitive, psychic, humor, help our creativity and give us to feel peace

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