6 Famous singers using shaping undergarments and you didn’t know it

Not all famous singers and musicians are nipped and tucked. Most musicians and singers will call their diet, while on the road, to be inconsistent and unhealthy. Long drives and tight schedules jam-packed with shows, appearances and interviews leaves them little time to opt for a balanced diet.

Often the foods they eat for basic nourishment leaves them looking and feeling bloated and heavy.

The solution? shaping undergarments!

The majority of celebrities will admit that they love shaping undergarments but there are a select few that are proud enough to prove it to us.

Beyoncé has often been hailed as the epitome of perfection. Who of us would ever imagine such a flawless beautiful human being needed to wear body wear?

shaping undergarments beyonce

But recent pictures captured Beyoncé and Jay-Z leaving Rihanna’s Diamond Ball and showed that she was wearing shaping undergarments under her dress, showing that she is just like us!

She made no effort to conceal her bodywear? Because she doesn’t care what people think and she knows she looks amazing. Why should be we embarrassed about wearing a figure flattering under garment? Beyoncé makes shaping undergarments a fashion statement.

Stunning Katy Perry, in an interview at a UNICEF SnowFlake Ball, admitted that she wasn’t feeling as great as she looked. Why? She wasn’t wearing her shapewear and felt as if her fat was bulging out, making her look fat.

katy perry shaping undergarments

Katy, fat, nooooo, that can’t be true! So we took a glimpse of her at this ball and saw nothing of the sort. The truth of the matter is that even the biggest celebrities have insecurities, too.

Katy isn’t the first big-name musician to admit that they feel more confident and better when they are wearing shaping undergarments. Many female singers won’t step out into public without first encasing their curves in the tightest body wear available.

Speaking of fashion statements, Lady Gaga is world-known for her revealing unique on-and-off stage customs. While out and about in New York City, she flashed more than she might have meant to: Her shaping undergarments!

lady gaga shaping undergarments

Was she embarrassed by her ensemble mishap? Not at all, she just quickly readjusted her skirt and kept walking with her usual confidence. Could shapewear be the secret to her bold confidence, if so I need a pair right now!

Even though Kelly Osbourne toned down her physique by loosing more than 60 pounds, she was caught wearing a flesh-colored shape-forming undergarment under her dress.

osbourne shaping undergarments

Even though she has a trim figure, she loves the additional support that only body wear can provide. Her slimming secret isn’t so secret any more. This is the kind of shaping undergarment she is using.

Ever wondered what is the secret to Jennifer Lopez’s smooth curves?

jennifer lopez shaping undergarments

On more than one occasion, she has been seen with shaping undergarments peeking out from under her clothes. If the most beautiful women in the world wear shaping undergarments to conceal that belly bulge, we should be too!

The young and youthful Selena Gomez flashes her shaping undergarments during a recent concert. Hey, if Selena uses them, them sign me up!

shaping undergarments selena gomez

These musicians need to look flawless to be confident and the secret to their success is the ‘not what we see but what we don’t see’ concept. Their shaping undergarments!

Squeeze away your insecurities and look your best, thanks to body shaping wear.

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