Spring Skincare

Let the sun shine: Just in time with the beginning of spring, we not only want the sun to shine but also our skin to glow! The ideal condition is a deep pore cleansing and a care that is attuned to the skin type.
beautypress gives some tips on how to give your skin a winter wake up.
New year, new skin
The epidermis renews itself every 26 to 28 days. During this time, new skin cells are formed whereas the older ones are chipped off. With its frosty temperatures sub-zero and low humidity, winter puts a strain on the skin, making it look tired and pale, or the exact opposite that the skin gets oily and impure. However, with the help of a facial peeling, you put the renewal process of the skin in the right way: The “gray haze” of dead skin cells and excess sebum is removed. Say hello to a radiant complexion in no time at all! The skin looks refreshed and soft and above all, it feels even and smooth.

There are three types of peelings:


  1. Mechanic peelings contain exfoliating particles and hence, they are suited for rather insensitive skin types.
  2. Enzymatic peelings split fats and proteins and this way dissolve cornification. They are ideally suited for impure and sensitive skin.
  3. Chemical peelings, including fruit acid peelings, have irritating effects and they can change the skin surface structure.When it comes to body care, peeling the skin is an essential part, too.

Neat and clean
Cleansing is the Alpha and Omega for a beautifully clear complexion; especially in the evening. Nevertheless, many women forget about removing the make-up before going to bed. Absolutely a no-go as all of the regeneration processes pass off at night; the skin is recovered and new cells are generated. If instead makeup is clogging the pores, the skin can hardly “breathe”, making it hard to regenerate overnight. This can cause impurities and skin irritation. The same apples to those who don’t even wear makeup: Don’t waive the cleansing routine in the evening since environmental pollutants and dirt have to be removed from the skin on a regular basis.

Less is more
The sun not only enhances the mood but also affects the way the oil glands work: Due to the sunlight’s increasing UV rays, the metabolism is encouraged, the hormonal balance changes and the oil glands produce more sebum. This is the reason why a light moisturizing cream, including UV protection, is a sufficient daily care for normal skin types during the warm months. If desired, a facial tonic can used before applying the day or night care. According to the skin type, it calms the skin or refines the complexion, supports its regeneration and promotes the penetration of the care’s active ingredients.

There’s nothing more to stop us from a beautiful and glowing complexion.

Doctor BABOR, Refine Cellular, AHA 10+10 Peeling GelImmediately after the first application skin appears fresher and more radiant, with a more youthful looking complexion. With regular, weekly use, skin looks more even, pores are refined and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.

Urban Veda, Reviving Exfoliating Facial PolishNaturally formulated to gently enhance complexion and stimulate circulation, our luxurious creamy scrub contains natural micro-particles to remove dead skin cells and support the regenerative process. Organic botanicals help to hydrate and nourish, while aromatic bio-oils protect and preserve skin’s ability to retain moisture.

UsRx, PureGlow Pineapple Enzyme Masque – The PureGlow Pineapple Enzyme Masque is sure to leave you looking radiant with its skin revitalizing properties. The masque brightens dull, uneven skin tone and improves skin clarity as the fortified vitamins and antioxidants replenish and protect. The PureGlow Pineapple Enzyme Masque gently purifies, soothes & clarifies acne prone and dull skin, rosacea and hyperpigmentation- leaving the skin looking and feeling refreshed.
Skin Authority, Instant Perfection Peel Pads – One sweep of the exclusive leave-on peel solution smooths the skin for flawless makeup application prep and boosts the performance of your daily products that follow.
Stemology™, Cell Revive Eye Serum – This serum reduces the appearance of eye puffiness, bags, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles in just three weeks.
Avojo, Black Peel Off Mask – The Avojo peel off mask has gained great acknowledgement among men who find its rebellious, dangerous and bold appearance refreshing and new. As a result, 70% of their customers are now men!
Dahliana, 30 Second Beauty Rescue Intensive Flash Peel – In just 30 seconds, this incredible treatment peel creates a burst of radiance for a truly youthful and revitalizing glow.
Credits: Beautypress.

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