Summer Fashion 2019 – Top Style You Need This Summer

Summer 2018 is all about recreating some of your all-time favorite vintage looks and combining it with athleisure street/beach wear. The time is here to pull out your summer dresses, shorts and those strappy sandals you have been dying to wear all winter.

Get inspired by this season’s top fashion trends and kick off summer with the hottest clothes and accessories. Read ahead to find out this summer’s forecast for the biggest trends for this season.

summer fashion trends

Camouflage is back
Yes, our favorite military print is back to give you that total badass vibe. Just prepare yourself to hear that lame joke when you wear them: “Where are your legs? I can’t see them.” Look for camo print cargo pants at your local thrift stores and cut them into Bermuda-length shorts.

Oversized sunglasses
The only rule with this year’s hottest trend is the bigger the better. Look for wire-rimmed aviator styles with mirrored shades. Or look for mint green, burnt orange or cotton candy pink shades for a more playful look. If you prefer a more intellectual look, choose a wide-framed John Lennon style.

Nautical striped
The nautical navy blue strip is making a comeback and it is stepping outside of the box this season. Expect to see this beloved stripe on just about everything such as sundresses to leggings. For the ultimate preppy look, wear a nautical striped dress with a red belt at the waist.

Statement jewelry
The more bling the more of a statement, look for oversized hooped earrings and flashy necklaces to help take your summer outfit to a whole new level. Be sure to check out local used-vintage shops near you for some unique pieces.

This trend started to develop this spring but is in full swing this season. The key to mastering this look is to pile on denim bottoms and tops with a white tee for an effortless cool attitude. Break up the monochromatic tone by wearing some bright sunglasses framed with the same toned tote.

White is back and no other color sets off the breezy summer vibe. Try wearing an all-white summer dress with white high tops with a pair of massive hooped earrings and a pair of retro shades. Just hit the local retro shop or the back of your mom’s closet and you are set.

Bicycle shorts
Bicycle shorts are this summer’s version of leggings. They are just as comfy as your go-to leggings but way cooler. Look for styles that hit mid-thigh and combine them just as you would with your favorite stretchy pant. Try throwing on a pair of fishnet tights underneath for a more chic style.

Off-the-shoulder tops
Summer and off-the-shoulder tops go hand in hand. Look for long sleeved styles with a short-cropped top that are ideal for soaking up the summer heat. Rock this look with a pair of black ankle boots, high-waisted white short-shorts and some Lennon shades.

The athleisure trend is holding strong throughout 2018. Show the world that you are the boss with a pair of white high-tops with your little black dress or that cute floral summer dress.

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