Target just launched a swimwear campaign with a genetic skin condition

Target model swim rare skin conditions

Jeyza Gary, first-time model has always aspired to be a professional model before Target reached out to her for one of their biggest swimwear campaigns ever. But until then never had a booked contact such as this one with Target.

Target tries to connect with their customers by using models that they can identify with and see themselves reflected in the ad campaign, especially when it comes to swimsuits.

For the 2020 swimwear campaign, Target hired Jeyza Gary, who suffers from a rare genetic skin condition that is known of “ichthyosis.” She looked stunning underneath the radiant California sunshine in her daffodil yellow two-piece bikini. She posed along with several other women, all of which had a unique body type for Target’s upcoming swimwear campaign.

Even though Jeyza Gary was nervous for her booked modeling job, the entire process went smoother than she could have imagined. Everybody was very professional and non-intimidating. Especially, since some of the models were professional models, we could imagine the entire process could’ve been terrifying.

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However, the 21-year old Jeyza Gary isn’t one to get intimidated easily. She has learned to accept her limitations since she was a child and how to work around them. Growing up is a challenge enough but top it off with a skin condition that makes your skin scaly has helped Gary to believe in self-love.

Gary had just signed a modeling contact with an agency in New York last year after graduating from high school. She had always aspired to be a model since she was a little girl but because of her skin condition she held back. That is until a dear classmate wrote in her yearbook that she should give modeling a try, which was the push she needed to take a leap of faith.

Right now, the modeling landscape is changing with more general acceptance of plus size models, trans-gender and minority groups. Gary recognizes that she is opening up the frontlines in the modeling world for other people with not so-traditional looks. We can’t imagine how excited she feels about being able to take the lead in changing the fashion industry.

Actually, Gary says she draws strength by meditating about the example she is setting for others, and that is to push herself past situations that make her feel not so comfortable.

Target has been using a diverse variety of women in all of it’s campaigns for several years and they proudly, never use photo shop, to touch up their already perfectly beautiful models. The 2020-swimwear slogan states “being you always fits,” which is exactly what is perceived in their campaign. Target hopes to use this year’s ad campaign to inspire women and young girls throughout America to be confident and feel free to express themselves.

Jeyza Gary loves the idea of Target because regular people don’t want to look at so-called perfect people, they want to see people looking and feeling confident who look like them. We happen to agree we prefer seeing real people with real skin and not someone who has been Photo Shopped.

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