Train with music, a great way

Many people currently are looking for ways to exercise, with the purpose of looking better, strengthening muscles and being much healthier. So with the passage of time different ways have been created to enhance exercises, such as training with music.

Training is understood to consist of physical or mental preparation, with the purpose of improving the performance of the athlete. Regarding music, it consists of an art in which sounds are organized following logic and coherence, music is considered one of the most important artistic expressions and allows transmitting feeling and emotions.

Train with music

It is important when training or carrying out any routine train with music

Exercises that people look for ways to be motivated; motivation plays a very important role in the training in a more efficient way. The clearest example we have in gyms or people who perform physical activity often they are listening some kind of music that helps them to be more motivated and even a certain type of music helps them to have more adrenaline for training.

Why train with music?

Concerning training with music has its basis in psychophysiology that is a science that is responsible for studying the psychological factors that affect the performance of athletes, so experts argue that music has very positive effects on training, Since a very positive effect is observed both when performing cardiovascular training and performing anaerobic exercise.

But it is important that the music is selected according to the person since in each person will have a certain effect, this is because not all people have the same taste, which may motivate certain people may not like it others.

From the point of view of aerobic training, a different study has been carried out as people taking in account the intensity of the exercise, whether it is high, medium or low intensity, although the effect in medium and high intensity studies is questioned. It concluded that music helps to delay fatigue.

This is because the brain can process a certain amount of information and when we listen to music we focus on the sounds so our brain takes longer to process the information sent by our muscles and cardiovascular system and therefore take longer to realize that we are fatigued.

Regarding the anaerobic heart rate is not as important as in the aerobic, so this type of music has a positive effect as far as the psychological in the athlete this is due to help in the part of the activation and the motivation being very beneficial to improve the performance of the athlete. As for the physical according to the study it has been shown that music does not cause any change.

Due to the benefits before raised many people have been trained to use music and every day are more people who use them, so when you want to elaborate any list of reproductions it is necessary for people to take in account the taste, which The type of music is designed for the goal you have and the necessary duration for the time during which you train

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