Who is Henry Levy?

Over the last few months, everyone has been speculating as to what is the relationship between Henry Levy and Demi Lovato.

But on Dec 29, 2018 the speculations finally came to a crashing halt, when Demi Lovato and her beau Henry Levy finally made their affair official on social media. Levy’s Instagram account was set to private, so only his friends and loyal fans could see the video of their PDA.

The video shows the “Confidant” singer smiling at the camera, and then suddenly puckers up her lips towards her favorite fashion designer, Henry Levy. He leans over, giving her a big kiss on the lips as he hugs her. They finish the personal display of affection by looking back at the camera with huge smile on their faces.

Although, this isn’t the first time they have shared a PDA moment, it is the first time they have shared it in via social media, making their love affair official. They were recently spotted in Nobu, Malibu sharing a romantic kiss on Dec 8. A week later, they were seen once again holding hands strolling through Beverly Hills.

Seems the two quickly reconnected immediately after Lovato finished a 3-month stint at rehab. Levy and Lovato were spotted together on Nov. 3, 2018, enjoying an intimate sushi dinner in L.A.

demi and henri-levy

Demi Lovato and Henry Levy – Photo: NEMO / BACKGRID

But who is Henry Levy?

Henry Levy appears to be Lovato’s new sober buddy, close friends are hopeful that he will help her stay clean and out of rehab. But recent sighting suggest that they are much more than sobriety companions but a budding romance.

Levy, is the sole designer of his luxury fashion line Enfants Riches Déprimés, which means “Depressed Rich Kids”. He founded his company in 2012 and his avant-garde fashion line is one of the most expensive brands in the world. His style is mostly known for it’s punk-rock influenced leather jackets that cost $7000+. Many of the slogans on his T-shirts are considered to be quite controversial such as the slogan about “My Nazi Parents”.

How old is Henry Levy designer?

He recently turned 27 yrs. old, only one year older than the singer, Lovato. Levy grew up in a very wealthy family, but that did not bring him happiness. He was shipped off from one exclusive boarding school to another. He even attended the notable Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland, the most prestigious and expensive boarding school in the world.

Source: www.elle.com

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